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The Xceed Backup Library lets developers add on-demand or scheduled backups to their Windows applications. Its full-featured ActiveX control includes backup/catalog/log file management, a multithreaded scheduler and removable media support. Using the Xceed Backup Library adds value to your application by protecting it against lost or corrupted data files, end-user mistakes and hard drive crashes. A built-in, intelligent job scheduler lets you easily setup scheduled jobs for even the most complex backup schemes. The library manages the backup files, which can span multiple media, are compressed, labeled, and can be deleted by the retention management system when they get too old. Separate catalog files are managed.by the library, so your application can easily find specific version(s) of files that need to be restored , and then request the required media if necessary. All the library s settings can be configured through properties, or via custom property pages OCo so the only code you need to write in your applications is the code to launch a job, or the code to start and stop the library s scheduler! A Recovery Wizard application (with source) is included so that you don t have to write any code if you want your users to be able to restore files manually themselves. Xceed Backup Library is a multi-threaded, fully self-contained ActiveX control which supports background operation, categorized properties, help strings, property pages, F1 context-sensitive help, built-in types and code completion. To make sure even the most critical system problems can be solved, Xceed Backup Library creates its backup files in an improved, yet 100% PKZip-compatible Zip format, so you can use WinZip or any other typical unzipping application to recover lost data.

Systems: Windows

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